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Spring 2021

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Music Prompt

Poetry inspired by music!
Hosted by Monday Abuh - @MondayDPoet

Daily Wisdom Words
by Samantha Leboeuf

Every Monday Wednesday and Friday Samantha picks a word, defines it and takes it deeper. The community responds with poetry in the comments

DWW Picture Poetry

Picture Poetry Prompts: 2 chosen words to use in your poem.

Now Hosted by Michelle Monday, Wednesday, and Friday  7am MST 9AM EST

Wise Book Reviews

Helping connect authors with readers.  To give a review that is Genuine


Author, Neil David Chan brings a spiritual, metaphysical enlightening book to the table in this deep, meaningful book, A Higher Conversation-Another Way To Be Human. The book is written in a literal, philosophical, knowledgeable composition made up of three parts: the mind, physical body and soul. According to Neil David Chan, most of us operate using only our mind and body, without connecting to a third pat of who we are, our soul.

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