Spring 2021 Poetry Contest Winner

Winning Author: Sarah Temple

Winning Entry:

Finding Hope

At 15, I lost hope walking into the burn unit at university in Denver. My 13yr brother by my side, we spoke to dr.s walked into a unit caught a glimpse of what remained of our father.

Those memories haunt, they linger as he lived 4 days 4 long days.

There was no help for the trauma we felt.

We became a product of our environment and lost to the streets.

At 15, I watched a gang shooting.

Nothing like t.v. each person being shot had a different reaction . But, each one had the same reaction as far as running. My reaction was to be still . Something said be still inside. So I just stayed as everything happened. This realization that was now slow motion as one person falls to his knees and another being pulled into a car.

This is happening before me.

My friends, these people I hung out with I’m now paying a price forever.

At age 25, I got pregnant my due date was the same time as my brother’s.

My brother got the winning hand in this game as I laid my stillborn daughter to rest.

It was through my pregnancy I learned HOPE. I found the true meaning of happiness. I felt life grow and live inside. I wanted better not only for her but myself. After she passed, I had a choice to stay on my new journey or go back to my old ways.

I chose this new journey. Finding light in the darkness.


Meet the Winning Author!!

Sarah Temple

My name is Sarah Temple. I was born and raised in Denver, CO. I’m 37 years old, and while my plans for life haven’t worked out like I planned, I have found joy and purpose through writing, caretaking and helping my younger sister raise her two beautiful children.

I began writing at a young age to help cope with various health issues.

I experienced my first flight for life flight at age seven- years- old. I was diagnosed as having a seizure disorder. This as well as several other problems happening in my home life caused concern for my mental health. It took several years and more doctors than I can count to find a course of treatment that improved things. Writing is what helped me express myself during all of this. I could vent while also keeping track of my world around me. While I tried to make sense of it all. It was a turbulent ride to say the least.

While I have moved to other states, I have found that my heart is in Colorado.

I now live with my grandmother who is in her eighties. I enjoy taking care of people who need help. Even the one’s who are stubborn. I enjoy the fact that I’ve been able to teach and grow with each person I’ve helped, as we learn from each other.

All in all, I’m truly blessed to have the life I have.

Encouragement from the Team @ Daily Wisdom Words:

Sarah Temple!!  Congratulations, Sarah!  We are so proud of you!  Your writing is beyond amazing!!  There were many entries that were excellent but your writing truly shined.  From all of us at Daily Wisdom Words, we wish to welcome you to our writing community!  It is an honor to have you as the winner of the Spring Writers Contest!  Your story was full of hope and full of inspiration to all. Welcome to the daily wisdom words family!


Samantha Leboeuf-Founder

Daily Wisdom Words LLC.

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