A Lost Love

by: Guildford Windley

A lost love
You touched my lips, and then turn away
You hold me close, and then push me to the side with just a blink of the eye
You say you love me, but do you really care
For in my eyes, I always see you in the arms of another
To my insecurities you play, you put my heart on display
Your love you give; then take away
In your control of my living soul, a puppet I appear to be
You make me dance to your tune
Then you lock me in a dungeon deep within my mind
As you smile then turn away, you leave me in dismay
Your love you give; then take away
I try to find a way to win your love, but what I do is never enough
On a leash you keep me; at distance I must stay, while you keep me at bay
Your love you give; then take away
In the mirror, I do see the reflection of me, a person lost in the hypnotic trance
Going deeper into this quagmire of your love
For it’s not me that you care to hold as your only one
For undone is this woman, as I’m one of many
My love will never be complete
For your lips I must share with all the other
Your love you give; then take away
My heart and soul are completely undone
My tears are all spent; broken I’m I, for a love that’s not completely mine
Just a toy to play with at your beckon calls; shackled to a love, that’s not love at all
Undone I’m I, but no longer will I cry, there is no love here
This shackles that you have me in, I will now break
For, no love is better than, your phony kind of love
Your love was never there, I was just a play thing for your vanity
Your love you give; then take away
Will now my dear, my mind is clear
You can have all the others; but this gal deserves better
Yes I was undone, but now you will be the one, for you’re just a loser
I am new, and I have learned that my life should be my story
I will not be just a prop of yours, a bit part of your glory
For I have my own glory, so who needs yours
I was undone, but now I’m whole
Yes my dear, you heard me right now you can take that phony love of yours and take a hike

Guildford H Windley
September 2, 2018

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