A Lost Soul

by: Guildford Windley

A Lost Soul
Oh, mother, I call to you
My words are silent, my tears cannot flow
It’s your lost daughter; I went missing two years ago
Oh mother, do you remember me or have you forgotten
I was your daughter, who loved to laugh; I played during the day on our peoples land
I was 5’ 4”, I weigh 130 do you remember
I’m dark skin, brown eyed girl; I’m Sioux do you remember
Mary Joan Little dove is what you name me; I am Sioux, of the Dakota plains
I’m lost mommy, for I no longer live
They took my life, on the day I disappeared
I was all alone walking on the road that led to home
Mommy, I did not do anything wrong
I was coming home from school, I remember the day well
It was in the latter part of the day the clouds were all gray
The sun was low over the hills, and there was a light shower, the ground was all wet
Mommy, they come in a car, there were five white boys
They grab me and pulled me into the car
Mommy I didn’t do anything wrong
They took me down the road and out into the brush
There they raped me, several times and made fun of me being a Sioux they laugh as they took me, I fought back with all my might
Then they killed me mommy and left my body in the brush to rot
Oh please come for me, they left my body for the scavengers
No one has come looking for me, I’m a forgotten soul
My body has been ripped apart, my bones have been picked and now parts of my body are gone
Mommy, please find me before I disappeared without a trace, my body all turn to dust
Mommy, I feel so alone, I want to come home
Please don’t let this be my eternal resting place, please don’t tell me that no one cares to find my remains
Bring me back so I can lie next to my dad, on our tribal land
Mommy, I did nothing wrong, please don’t forget me
I want to come home, free my spirit from this evil place
Let me soar above our ancient lands, oh please bring me home to my friends
Dear Mother let Mary Joan Little Dove come home please forgive me, for being raped and disgracing our family name, please forgive me for being a girl weak and afraid
Please forgive me and take me home, for I’m of Sioux people!
I’m proud and I’m strong, with the spirits of my people is where I belong!
Guildford H Windley
May 19, 2019
PS: please note this humble writing by a person who is not of first people blood is meant to bring awareness of North America’s dirty secret. The Forgotten Women: the thousands of indigenous women, who have been murdered, raped and are missing. We as human beings must act to not only stop these acts but also not to forget these beautiful souls, that have been lost. We need to bring them home!

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