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A Universal Of Variety

A Universal Of Variety

by: Guildford Windley

A Universal of Variety
In the sky the clouds drift by
Each cloud, a pillow of fluffiness that has its own shape
After the rains, on a stormy day when sun rays breakthrough
We see gift from up above, a rainbow with many hues
Colors that fill the spectrum; not one more important than the other
On this earth there are many types of trees and flowers
Insects, fish and Mammals live their lives, they’re of many type
There are Reptiles that slither on the ground; there are Reptiles that fly in the sky
We Women we have Men, we have people in between
Some are strong; some are weak, most are in between
Each one is special, they have their own gifts
Some are very bright; some not quite so, but most are in between
The point that I’m making, is not which you look like that counts
It’s what’s in you that is you, your heart, your mind
But most importantly the passion that burns within the soul
No one is so important that they are above the rest, for each of us
Is a universe within itself; our uniqueness is our strength
With such diversity we are able to do great things
It took women doing the math; that sat the path for space
The work of one who got it right, gave flight to ships that soared into the air
To the moon and back, a group of three
But did you know that before they left
John Glenn said, have Katherine Johnson check the math
It took a woman to get it done; did I mention that she was Black
Guildford H Windley
August 28, 2018

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