by: Ron Dailey

Please don’t leave me stranded
Abandoned all alone
For I’m just a little puppy
In search for a loving home

I’ll promise to keep you happy
I’ll lick I’ll love I’ll play
You’ll never know a love like mine
That you will cherish everyday

I’ll bark at bad intruders
I’ll bark as cars go by
But please don’t leave me stranded
For without you I will die

For when you come home from work
I’ll wag my little tail
Im willing to learn brand new tricks
I’ll even get your mail

So please don’t leave me stranded
Please don’t leave me here today
For I won’t be here tomorrow
When you turn and walk away

Yeah I’m just a little puppy
So lost and all alone
Abandoned and unwanted
Without a loving home

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Noble Member
2 years ago

this is wonderful, Ron! Reminds me of our puppy! Samantha

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