What does divinity mean and how does it inspire hope  and faith when its lacking in our lives with a higher power or who I call, “God”?  If you’re feeling discouraged or depressed or lonely, for any reason, this daily wisdom word, DIVINITY, will be a very positive article to read. 

Before we go any further, let us take a look at the meaning of divinity in our Webster Dictionary and how daily wisdom words defines it.

Webster Definition of Divinity-1.  of, from or like God.  Devotion to God;  Sacred.  2.  providence of God.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Divinity-The ability to have faith in what is divine.  To myself, this would be God. 

Daily Wisdom Words, is not a Christian post.  However, It is a spiritual one.  I myself, am Christian and am not ashamed to admit it.  In fact, I am proud of it, but I also believe we have no right to force others to have the same kind of faith as we do.  I also believe we all need to have faith in something.  Life catches us at many different crossroads. 

Sometimes, things are going great in our lives.  We just got the perfect job, we have found love, and we are at a good place mentally.  However there are the sad times in life, too. This is when faith is so important in our life.  Without faith,and divinity, we would have a very hard time believing that we could get through these bad times.  Divinity is defined as “Of God.”   

Divinity and Hope help us to understand life will get better when we are struggling.  We will struggle, fall, scratch ourselves, have our hearts broken, go through financial hardship, physical pain and mental anguish at some point in our lives.  All of those hard, difficult times will also develop strength and character from the lessons we will learn from these times.  The beauty of divinity and faith, is having not only yourself to lean on, during the difficult times, but God, as well.  God is a best friend. You may refer to God as your higher power, or Allah, and He is just another tool in our “tool box for life”.

You may be reading this post at the very time you need it.  I believe, just as we will suffer those bad times, the more faith and divinity we have, the faster we will get back to a good place or recover from the hard times. When we have gone without something we need or had love when we need it, we have felt loneliness.  When our hearts get broken, we feel  we are lonely because we loved another human being.  Being a person with divinity, will not guarantee you will return to, for example, being rich, if that is what you’ve lost or if you will find love again.  What faith and divinity do guarantee is you will make it through the bad times, and that new doors will open.  If you are at a healthy place with yourself, your far more likely to find new love, a new job, or more fulfilling thing in your life than you had before. 

We all have “expectations” of what our life will and should be like. If we have faith and believe in Divinity, we come to the realization that what our plans are for our lives may not be God’s.  That does NOT mean that it won’t be as happy or happier with how life turns out as you look back on it. 

Even if we could draw out our “perfect life”, we would want to have strong instincts and intuition to guide us to let us know what direction to go.  I believe that “inner voice and feeling” we have when we are using these two gifts are gifts given to us from God. 

If you’re an atheist (Don’t believe in God) or agnostic, (aren’t sure what you believe yet), You may still find value in this post on divinity. Perhaps it may leave you with questions about your own beliefs, or lead you to a place that makes you ask questions you still don’t have the answers for.  It is never a mistake to ask yourself questions and challenge yourself.  It is what helps us to grow.  Believing in divinity (of God) does make it easier to cope with life, because you have something bigger than yourself to believe in during the hard times. 

Life is better when it leaves us with less insecurity to handle it, and all of us would agree with these odds.  Thanks so much for reading on Divinity today.  Remember that beneath this post, there is a place which says, “join the discussion”.  Your comments or poems about the daily wisdom word, divinity are appreciated! 

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Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
1 year ago

A very wonderful, important post, Samantha.

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