Exit Door

by: Mar’Kata Rhaimes

I’d never thought it’d be this hard for me to let you go,
Forgetting that when I let you in, I never really took time to show you the way to my heart’s exit door.
Even for the little time we’d spent together, I’d quickly learned to forget that someday you might actually want to leave,
So I chose to hide the keys in one secret place, just to be sure that I keep them safe.

And now suddenly you’re here, desperately wanting to go; and I have to let it be,
I was just so drank with love that I quickly forgot where or how to re-find my secret hiding place.
I’d really thought it’d be very easy for me to let you go,
Only to realize that I’d locked you away inside my heart and lost the only keys I had to my heart’s exit door.
– Mar’Kata Rhaimes Poetry

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