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It’s raining and I’m freezing
I wrap myself in the blankets and stare at the lights
I roll over to my side and suddenly
I find myself in a strange memory

You were in love with someone else at that time

You looked bright and alive
It seemed so strange when events kept having us entwined
I was in a fit of nervous laughter and clammy hands
How you made me feel Is something I still don’t understand
As we danced I wouldn’t dare look you in the eye
In the play it was far too easy to sigh
I played a girl in love, maybe I shouldn’t ask why

This is the first time I’ve written for you
Hopefully it is my last
For although you are blessed with the talent of a writer
To wait for a song is something I cannot do forever

“You do not love me and this I can accept.”
what I whispered as I wept.

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Samantha Leboeuf (@guest_1615)
2 years ago

this is beautiful Alexia!!!!

Noble Member
2 years ago

this is beautiful Alexia!!!!

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