by: Yasir Sulaiman

This is the back-cover of up-coming novel; Fire. It is thriller that speaks about sensitive issues in the Indian sub-continent. Religion, politics and corruption are the main facets. However, do not mistake this book to be a traditional thriller. It is more like a movie. There will be songs (poems), drama and emotions. Here is the first chapter:

“Huge droplets of rain, followed by piercing rumbles of thunder and monstrous winds, beat the highway that evening. These factors posed a ghastly hurdle in front of the vehicles that were currently on the highway. Loud blowing of horns and furious curses filled the air as different drivers blamed each other for the situation of the traffic.

The drivers of an intercity bus and a truck were quarrelling, heedless to the other traffic in the middle of the highway. As a result of their high pitched argument, other vehicles got stuck in the remaining portion of the highway with their occupants also joining the irritating noisy line of curses. One such vehicle was an auto rickshaw carrying goods which stood right behind the truck. Getting impatient, the driver of the rickshaw tried to make his way out by any means possible. Thus he guided his vehicle out through narrow gaps that were left in between the truck and the intercity bus on the other lane.

But he was in for a shock as with a sudden surge, a motor cycle too crossed the gap in between the two bigger vehicles from the other side of the road. Astounded and shocked, the driver of the rickshaw tried to steer his vehicle away from that path as soon as he could.But it was of no use and was a moment too late as the hind side of his vehicle gave a sudden jolt to the motorcycle, thus forcibly throwing away the vehicle and its occupant against the railing on the side of the highway.

The immense force broke the railing with which the motorcycle and its driver fell were thrown into the sea below. With that the entire traffic came to a halt, as they witnessed something that one would see usually in movies. All those present at the scene stared at the duo of the driver and the vehicle falling into the violent waves of the sea.

As always the police arrived just then; a moment too late. Sirens filled the air, with the crowd expanding even more. All of them continued to stare at the spot, where the driver and the vehicle had just fallen. But there was no sign of the two of them anymore.

Two hours later, a wide search was conducted on the stretch of the sea that was within the Indian territorial waters. Helicopters zoomed the area with their huge flash lights searching for any sign of the missing rider. A lot of hype was put on this search with tremendous pressures placed on the cops’ shoulders. The missing person was rumoured to be someone much sought after in the corporate and even on the political circle. A chain of orders had been passed ending with the officers to be present at the sign, originating all the way from the central Government!

Yet, oddly, no one had even a single photo of the missing person in the records. Most of the cops didn’t even have a clue about his appearance.

All they knew about was a strange code name “Fire”. A thorough search was made until dawn the next day, but in vain. Not even a single trace of the rider was found though the ruins of his vehicle were recovered. By noon the missing person was declared dead with the body disintegrated due to heavy torrential rains in the area.”

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