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Backpack John
Why should you buy the Backpack John? The Backpack John makes sure that you always have that little extra security of being able to go to the bathroom wherever you are. If you enjoy camping but miss the comforts of a toilet, then Backpack John is the precision engineered piece of equipment you have been waiting for. For only $ you can relieve your mind and body wherever you are.
The Backpack John is lightweight, extremely durable, and it is guaranteed never to rot or rust. It packs so compactly it will fit into most backpacks, diaper bags or even into a horse saddle-bag. Useful if you want to go on any adventure or trek. Many trips to the great wild world are cut short because there’s nowhere comfortable to relieve themselves when nature calls. You can enjoy the beautiful great outdoors without worrying about where is safe to do what needs to be done. But now there is the Backpack John!
The weather around us is changing day by day. We are always at risk of serious bad weather. If a big storm hits or any natural disaster occurs there may be a power outage. If you are without power for any duration, then there will also be no water. If you have no water the toilets will not work. Be prepared for most situations when it comes to the bathroom.
Backpack John is great for kids, particularly if you are travelling long distance with small children who need to go when there are no toilets around. It is designed to be suitable for people of most ages, shapes and sizes. Keep one in the car for emergencies because everyone should have an emergency kit in the car. When at home, it’s one of those things that you didn’t realize you needed until you have one. You will always use it once you own it.
People realise they need food, water and shelter are essential, but so is going to the bathroom. That most basic necessity is often forgotten until they are in an emergency situation. The last thing you want to do is struggle around looking for a place to go to the bathroom. The obvious solution is Backpack John for you and all your family. It is a wonderful appliance which will easily fit into a knapsack or an emergency kit. Then you can keep it with you for all emergencies. The benefits are greater than the price as it can also be used as a camp chair and animal deterrent clothes rack for camping.
Backpack John can be put to a lot of other uses as you need. I always think it a great shame that people are discouraged from getting outside and enjoying nature, simply because there is no bathroom.  Backpack John weighs only a total of 38 ounces and it has been designed to take up to 300 pounds in weight.  It is small enough to fit in most backpacks and under car seats or in any corner of a vehicle.

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