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HEr smile ruined him
HEr eyes could melt the sun
SHe was July in February
May in December
Anytime away from her
was unbearable, heartache

ShE knew him not
Not his eyes or his smile
His hair didn’t move HEr
His curling toes as she
Passed did nothing

An introduction startled her
attention, he smiled, shE knew
They dated, they kissed, lOvEd
Marriage was mustly beautiful
Heaven in an unlikely place

10 Years Later

ShE talked too much, weight
Not the sexist, earthly
Eyes are needles, disgusting
Divorce is roaring, time wasted

His Business Struggles

sHe was Superhuman
Made him strong at his
weakest point, ShE
Stood against: Earth,
Wind and Fire
His heart ached
For evermore

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