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How Do tThey Do It

by: Guildford Windley

How Do They Do It
How do they do it?
For it sure not their people skills
The things they say
May hold sway over the gullible
On one hand, they applaud
All their own corruption
Their base, they do love it
They think nothing of being robbed
Because of the Republicans rhetoric
Sings to their hate, and the mob mentality
Besides, they always have Obama and Hillary to blame
How do they do it, these Republicans?
The power that they keep is beyond me
They cling to power like a fungus
They only appeal to the greed` and hate that people feel, their own lack of self-worth, they take out their frustration on others that don’t fit their mold
There is way more Democrat then these here little rats
But for what reason the power rest in the hands of this band of crooks
The Democrats for what is worth do not play by the same rules, for the most part, they tell the truth
Oh the Democrats have their share of crooks, sexual assaulters and others
They seem to bring scandal to the headlines and fall from grace pulling down the party
But not so republicans, when it happens to them
They laugh and say boys will be boys
They don’t care that it’s at your expense
How do they do it, keep on winning elections
Well it’s no secret
Let me tell you how
For the most part, they cheat
But that’s not all
The apathy of the public is the main reason
They just don’t vote
Freedom my friends come with a price
Being informed and participation
The Republicans work for the very rich and corporations
The Democrats are not perfect and they need to clean up their act
An informed public is what this land needs to keeps our liberties
A Republic that works for the people, not the money
It not easy but the gift of this country came with a price it was built on the blood, pain of, and sweat of many:
The natives, the Blacks and other of color
Immigrants from all parts of the world
Religions of all types, and those that have none
Cultures brought and shared; Are what makes this country great
We have principles and share beliefs
The people we serve and have fought for all of these things
They fought and they died, and do to this day
For the living Constitution do they stand guard and defend
Now is the time to take your stand
For the problem is not how do they do it
The solution my friend is how do we win
The answer has always been getting off your butt and

Guildford H Windley
October 12, 2018

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Samantha Leboeuf (@guest_1597)
2 years ago

this is wonderful Guildford!!

Noble Member
2 years ago

this is wonderful Guildford!!

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