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In Remembrance

by: Guildford Windley

In Remembrance

From the sky
On that September morn
Four planes
Hijacked in the sky
19 militants
Killed thousands
Let’s not forget
All those souls that perished
The heroes that gave their all
First responders
Did not flinch
As they ran into hell
Four airplanes
Three hit there mark
The twin towers
Of the World Trade Center
Went down
They collapsed
In smoke and flames
Taking all those souls
The Pentagon
Took a hit on the western side
125 died on the ground
People on the plane
Of those
Did the killing
All were lost
In Pennsylvania
The fourth plane fell
The passenger
Rose up and fought like hell
They drove the plane into the ground
A field
In Somerset country
On that September day
From the ashes
We resolved
Honor those Souls
Lost that day
We here by pledge
To keep vigilant
Our Flag
Will fly over their Memorials
Our people
Free from fear
We will
Always hold our hand out in friendship to a stranger
To welcome all new immigrants
To this promise land
To not hide in fear
But to live life with love
But if the need were to arise
Will stand our ground
Will fight like hell

Guildford H Windley
September 11, 2018

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