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Let’s Be Somebody Too

Let’s Be Somebody Too

by: Shirley Satterfield

Let’s Be Somebody Too. 👑

Hi. I’m nobody in particular,
But somebody too.
How about you?

Do you reach for a star?
Do you walk very far
To help a brother?
Do you feed the strays?
Are you someone’s loving mother?

Then you sit on the corona of the sun.
You are daylight’s great display.
You are God’s daughter or His precious son.

You are somebody too.
And worthy through and through.

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Julie Frikuj (@guest_8745)
5 months ago

Amen! love it!

Michelle (@guest_8734)
5 months ago

Compelling with meaning shirley..its brilliant with depth. 👌💛💫

Abuh Monday Eneojo (@mondaydpoet)
5 months ago

This is lovely and beautiful… constructively, it is top notch! I sent you a message on WhatsApp

Samantha Leboeuf (@slleboeuf)
5 months ago

I love this poem. One of your very best. So very deep and intuitive. I know I said I’d call. I’m sick with a cold so give me a few days. Love you

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