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Life does it Matter?

Life does it Matter?

by: Guildford Windley

Life does it Matter?
In the age of quantum mechanics
A life force that we are, of stardust born of energy
Brewed thirteen point eight years ago or somewhere near that point in time
A gifted life from the big bang creation of a living universe
But are we real or just illusions, are we matter or does it matter what we are at all?
From subatomic particles do we speak of electrons, protons, and neutrons?
Oh don’t forget those particles quarks and gluons for both come together to be a proton or a neutron
So here we are, the real question is do we really exist as the human race
What if this is all elaborate matrix
All that’s human, all our emotions all our dreams and desires
What if they are but a program created for some distance life force amusement
Could it be that time itself is nothing more than an illusion; maybe we don’t die but move on to a new game level
Is it possible that we are but players program to how we feel, that we live apart from the life that is not real, but was a program for us to live
Do we as people love or hate or is feeling we have within part of some game, all those emotions that we have deep within, is it possible they are all planned by the creator of the game
Could it be that lives for what we believe the energy of the stars that we thought were ours is in reality electrons that operated a matrix plane in a world for others to enjoy?
Quantum physics explains how nature works and I see no mathematics to show that we do not exist
There lies the conundrum, for life does matter
For me, I truly feel and I know that I am real I can think and I have five senses to know the world where I live is on a physical plane
I’m alive therefor I am real, or at least until I die, then what lies beyond the conscious mind will unfold if thoughts do survive our death
Until then life goes on, or does it?
Guildford H Windley
January 28, 2020

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