Lost Love

by: Guildford Windley

Lost Love
Here I ponder life
Lying under this weeping willow tree
By a babbling brook that’s crying out to me
Oh, is my troubled soul, deep in pain I’m I
For sweet Esmeralda, has left me for some other guy
Across the seas, they went
Sailing on a ship at high tide
Oh sweet Esmeralda why did you leave me so
Humbled and broken am I, loss of your love that you now give to some other guy
Underneath the weeping willow, I lie
The sadness that has come to me is now the sounds of the brook that runs next to the tree
The words I hear are the words you once spoke to me
The times we spent together are but just a memory underneath this weeping willow we vowed our love forever
But that was long ago when life was full
Your kiss, your smile made life so much more worth living than
But now you’re gone, a new life you have found, across the sea you will be free of the bond we had
As for me, this is now my home, under this old weeping willow tree
For, I died much too young, before our spring could have begun; before the world we plan could take hold it slipped away like sand within a hand.
Oh Esmeralda here I lie under a cold white stone
My only company now a sad old weeping willow tree and a babbling brook with a mournful sound just for me.
Guildford H Windley
September 7, 2019

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