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Puerto Rico Pain

by: Guildford Windley

Puerto Rico pain

Hear the cries of the people
The dead, not counted
The propaganda
The death count low
But we know
You don’t count brown folks
His ego would be crushed
If the people knew
That the rescue job
Was a mess up from day one
But no one carried
For money moving from the government
Was misspent
All those souls lost
No tear from the White House
Is corrupt
Money drain; rich man’s gain
Nearly 3000 dead
What he cries is a lie
Only just a few
We did a great job
The Democrats are picking on me
I saved the day you know
Puerto Rico
Is an island surrounded by big water
We did our best
I passed out paper
What more could we do
It worked like clock work
Those people didn’t die
It’s a deep state lie
To make me look bad
What he won’t say is that they died
No clean water from broken pipes
Brought on needless diseases
But on the airport tarmac
To this day
Piles of bottled water lay
Let’s just say
The Republicans like it this way
They Laugh and say
Flint Michigan
As we reduce the colored population

Guildford H Windley
September 15, 2018

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