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Reflections of Rejections

by: Guildford Windley

Reflections of Rejections
Reflections of the rejections
Social needs, Oh we can’t pay for this
Reflections of the necessities
Security and war these are a must
Politicians speak words that are meant to deceive
They’ll say one thing one day
Then deny that very thing, the very next day
Reflections of those in power
The ones we did not elect
Where the money is
Oh policy is fed
In troughs full of cash
Do politicians feed and fill the greed
The desires of those in power
Lay forth the policy of the govern
From troughs that politicians feed on
We can’t afford a medical plan for all
Not because we don’t have the money
But because the rich and powerful will lose their cut
Medicine and medical needs are not a must
It’s not them that suffer or die
Its people who have no say
Those who stand on high
We can’t afford
Housing the homeless
A clean environment
Safe Food and water, those things we can’t afford
But yes
Billionaires say they still need more
They want no taxes on themselves
Their corporations
Soak the poor
For what good are they
They serve only to help drive
The capitalist way
To serve wealth and feed their needs
When the poor no longer can serve this order
They no longer can fight in a war for others to profit
They no longer can work and toil
For low wages
Then the need to have them stops
Let the poor die in misery
The rich will not
Let the poor be deceive
Uses patriotism
Hate of those, not like them
The rhetoric of the politician’s tongue
On promises, no one ever keeps
Yes to old Glory we are told
While offshore the rich man’s accounts grow
You sacrifice and do your best
But in the end
You will not win
For the cards are stack by the man
We do not have
For the Constitution
Give us a Republic
For a Republic is a representative form of governess
For democracy to exist within this type of body
Those who represent must not be tainted
By or influence
Party or the powerful
For they should represent the masses
Money rules
The legislation that is passed
We can’t afford to change our ways
To the rich, they like the way the things are run today
To them
For the government that we have
The rich and powerful
Profit more!
Guildford H Windley
March 1, 2019

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