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She Is The One

by: Guildford Windley

She Is The One
Oh those were the days, way back then
I can see them clearly as the mist of time clears
Yes, as I sit here in this old dingy room
Time ticking by, nothing to do
She is gone, the kids don’t call
Our friends from so many years don’t see them anymore
They’re but history and memories of the past
Now at the winter of my life
My mind wanders back in time
To those summer days of my youth
Yes way back then, we had fun at our school
The gang and I were quite a group
After school, the old diner, we would hang
Oh we enjoyed all those burgers, fries and malts
The girls worn pink, we guys looked so cool in dark clothes and Leather Jackets
Yes, I can remember, with a smile, when I had hair, back then my hair grew wild
Brylcreem was what we used back then, pure grease as I recall
The hot rods that we rode, in drag races down the road and place we were not to go
Movies on a hot summer night we watch from movie theaters that were nothing more than parking lots.
Yes those were the days of my youth
Oh yes, let not forget the girl, who was to be the one
I gave her all my love, at the graduation on our senior year
The high school party, she took me to her side
I thought that was, what love really was. She swore to me to be my bride
That’s the way love should be
We were both so young back then
Oh how time goes by so soon, you take a breath and close your eyes
All that time has passed you by
No, we never married, for we were living in a teenage dream
I wonder, what happens to that high school sweetheart of mine Yes, what became of her
I went to war, and that was that never was meant to be, I guess
For me no regrets, I did not find true love until all my youth had been spent
For war can kill the innocents of man, and leave just a shell no physical wounds need to be seeing, for deep within it lies
It takes someone very special to see that there below the callous surface, of one who lost all faith and can’t find his soul
There beats a heart that grieves
Yes, someone who has the patients and understands
Who knows what true love really is
For in my early twenties, she found me and pulled me from the grave
While high school romance may be a rite of passage
It takes a real woman to save a helpless man
She was the one
For what she gave to me, no one will understand
The love that is true and will stand the test of time
Those many years that we had
The true bond that we shared
I miss her so each day now that she has past
But enough of this dwelling on the past
For my time is coming soon
I know that on that day through the mist I’ll see
That love of mine, standing there waiting for me
We will smile at each other, and cry just a little
I’ll take her hand in mind, will kiss hello,
No spoken words need be said, for we will know
With her hand in mine, will walk into the mist of time
Somewhere in time, somewhere in space
Two lovers will look back in time to the life that they once lived
To all the lovers young and old, there is a special place
The memories that you hold
Live on in time and space!
Guildford H Windley
March 30, 2019

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