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She Loves Me So

She Loves Me So

by: Guildford Windley

She Loves Me So
I feel it in the air
I hear it from the trees
Each drop of rain that kisses my face tells me so
The warmth of a beam from the sun makes me glow
Every day is a joy, every night is a dream
Why you may ask, It’s her, because she’s my lass
She loves me so, she told me so
What more can I say, I’m blessed
When I walk down the street everyone that I meet, I greet with a smile
I’m sure some folks think I’m senile
But who cares
She loves me so, she told me so
After forty-six year of marital bliss
Three girls, now grown
All the dogs and cats that we have known
A house that is still standing
Held up by bile’s of bills that need paying
Hey, what the heck, it’s the world that we made, no regrets from this man
She loves me so, she told me so
She loves me so, she told me so
This is the sweetness of life
Her lips touching mine
Who says love never last, they sure don’t know my little lass
She loves me so, she told me so
She loves me so, she told me so
No words need be said, for eyes says all
With a smile on her face, the warmth of her embrace, what can I say? I’m the luckiest guy of the whole human race
She loves me so, she told me so
I know that this may sound nutty
But when our souls depart this reality
Across heaven, you’ll see two souls dancing and singing so
I’m sure if you listen you’ll hear her say
I love you so, and I want the world to know that the reason that I love you so is that for all these beautiful years, good time and bad I always knew
He loves me so, even when he didn’t say so!
His head in a book or watching TV and not listening to me
But no matter what, he’s my guy
He loves me so; he didn’t need to tell me so
For when I was down my man would hold me so
He let me knew that thing would be fine
Words need not be said
I knew he was my man
He loves me so, not a word needed to be said
Our love says it all!
Guildford H Windley
December 14, 2019

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