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Storage for Humanity

Storage for Humanity

by: Guildford Windley

Storage for Humanity
In a world loss of feelings
A society cold and uncaring
The starkness of concrete and metal cold and without thought of beauty
This land now void of the beauty of the trees, the fields, and flowers that once grew here
What of the soul lost in this cold world, trap in a world of electronic we are just a tool of the feed
Transferring data from one source to the next, calculating and tabulating used to be done without the support of a machine
But first, they the machines were here as a helpful tool, but as time went by we were lulled into the power of the machine, we gave in to our own laziness and those at the top push in more machine there was less need for humanity
At some point in this whirlwind change of our life, we lost complete control, now the computers run the show
Not happy just to have free run, they the computer felt a need to feel, they wanted to be more human
So now here we are at a crossroad of life humanity is just a data feed for the big computer machine to give them the sense of what it’s like to be
All that is the essence that we are, love, feeling, caring and thinking are now being suck away from us soon they are taking our souls
One day soon all that throbs in the hearts of humanity will be reduced to merely data stored in the cloud.
Guildford H Windley
March 3, 2020

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