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Sunflowers Contemplation

Sunflowers Contemplation

by: Guildford Windley

Sunflowers Contemplation
Sunflowers all bright with yellow delight
Blue Irises calling out to you on this lazy afternoon
Red rose so deep is their love, the love I have for you
White lilies pure is the flower that reminds me of you
On a day when the rain is falling from above
From the window I can see two dove fly past, they must be in love
As the drops of rain patter on the pane of the glass
I sit here at a table upon which those flowers are arranged in a vase
I contemplate the beauty of this world that such flowers exist
But it would all be for not if the love we had were not
You give to me through our love a sense of this world beauty that I had been blind to before
Through your eyes, I have seen the beauty
Through your ears, the songs of nature have awoken my spirit
In your arms, I have found peace
Your soul, so passionate for life has renewed my empty soul and given it new light
As I look at the vase a top of the table
I realize your love, have taken a poor soul such as me, dull and bland was I, now behold just like the Sunflower in the vase I have become bright and alive.
Guildford H Windley
September 21, 2019

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