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The Beating Heart

The Beating Heart

by: Guildford Windley

The Beating Heart
Beat, beat the heart
Beat, beat the heart
The blood runs through the body
The pounding of the heart plays on the feelings of the soul
The soul so deep and cold
For the eyes have seen what the devil did for told
The eyes witness the evil of the old man
No sadness can be felt by the heart
No feeling of the soul, just the cold, cold indifference felt in the back of the mind
No thought or care, the mind is so aware of the evil rot that has been done
The ears, here the same old bull that they have sung before
No, the ears have turned off their evil voices
No sympathy for those who mock the world and brought so much death
Beat, beat the heart for it could care less
The pain and suffering of the plague known no boundary
They could care less and made jokes when it took the life of the poor
But now down go, the rich, and the greedy
For see the future of them denying those in need access to healthcare
Beat; beat the heart for there is no sympathy for the old fat pigs
No sympathy for their greed
Karma is a bitch
The sympathy that the heart does feel is for those that suffer from this plague and those that lie dead in the grave
Guildford H. Windley
October 3, 2020

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