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The Blessed Marriage Dance

The Blessed Marriage Dance

by: Shirley Satterfield

The Blessed Marriage Dance 💍

Warm kisses on a hot beach,
Stars and shimmering moons
Shining in the sky
That catapult our hearts up high.
This is the gateway to marriage,
The very door to a happy dance.

But once inside this amazing space,
You dance in the evening while
A storm vents its wrath and
Disappears without a trace,
As you thoroughly wash a spoon
Under those same stars
And shimmering moon that you kissed under.
You will together sack the trash
And rise up early to go to work
Because your bills you will not shirk
Because you have love
And you have babies.
You love sick swingers
Will swing diapers on the line
And will everything to be fine
Because you love.

And love means
Twisting the lid tightly
On the mustard jar,
Gassing up the other’s car,
Growing old together,
Loving her when her body grows
Wrinkled and thick,
Staying up with him when
He’s mighty sick.
Being detached from your
Own bone marrow
When the options are real narrow,
When the answer could be cancer,
But it was not.

Romance and the marriage dance
Are the state of the blest
Till the hour of our death.
One last kiss at the end
For two souls who were
Willing to bend.

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