The Calling

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The Calling
As I sit here in my favorite seat
The TV blaring, all the hate
The news of the day, there’s a lot of pain
I reach for a beer, from the comfort of my chair
I see before me, on the TV screen
Despair of the many, the haunting look in their eyes
The feeling is uncomfortable, the truth always is
I change the channel to find escape
A fantasy is better than reality
To hide one’s eyes from the truth
The poverty, the hate
No peace just war
Racism leaves its scar upon the human face
The greed of the few, for they will not share
The plenty that they have, but to them it’s never enough
I try to hide my face in the sand, and hope that it will go away
All the poverty, all the hate
But in my mind, and heart the truth still burns
The hunger and the cruelty will not end
Until we take a stand, we need to unite as one
Body of humanity must join this fight
We need to raise our voice, all of us together
One sound of joint humanity, speaking for the crowd
Calling for the end of this chaos, and a redistributing of the wealth
Let all the children, of this here God world be free
May, all of us see the light, to help this world through
The darkness of the night, so we can see a rainbow of the colors
That are here in plain sight, let’s not ignore them evermore
So my brothers and my sisters, stand with me today
The only way this world will change, is when the change comes from us
So take that first step, the path is long and rocky
But in the end, a new world can begin
One that was meant to be
The one, God did for see
Take a stand, hold my hand
On this journey, to the Promised Land!

Guildford H Windley
August 26, 2018

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