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The Cold November

by: Guildford Windley

The Cold November
Sadness falls to me, this November morn
As the leaves fall from the trees, a gentle wind does blow
The coldness of the dark is creeping in
As we scurry before the winter comes
All Creatures know of the coming snow
A need to find a place to settle and food to see us through the long winter’s night
The coldness in the November air grows crisp and chills the bone
Sun seems so far away on these lazy short days
The mood of people change, despair fills the air
The coming of December song, mean darkness to the soul, for the light of the day will fade and the sky will turn to snow.
Not much to do my friend, until the coming of spring
Now is natures turn to sleep in the coldness of this long night
I trust you will have shelter, a warm fire and food, and drink
One can be merry in and find joy during the winter solace and through those long winter night
But what of those who have no shelter, those that have little food and water, yes those poor souls that are human fodder discards from our social grace
They have neither voice nor face they simply exist
They are but a nuisance as we go about our way,
We have dehumanized them in every way ignore their needs to turn our backs and walk away
Yet we celebrate in houses of worship how pious that we are the words of God we heed
Yet on the street those in need we do not see
But if we took one minute to look into their eyes we would see the face of God!

Guildford H Windley
November 2, 2018

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