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The Enemy from Within

by: Guildford Windley

The Enemy from Within
The enemy from within
He smiles with a grin
He shouts slogans and promises
Like he’s pouring whiskey for a drunken man
Keeping feeding them the line
Create deception by divide
Find the weak link in the chain
Turn that into hate
While you are doing that
The Master pulls the strings
For your soul he owns
Bought and paid for with his beguile
He gave you what you crave
Money that you needed for your lifestyle
He played upon your vanity
He strokes your ego; all the while you by what he says
He put you on top, manipulation of the system
Money poured into organized corruption
Feed the system, using lies spread through the media
Distortions of the truth dug up dirt, to silence those who challenge you
What he could not do from without, he did from within
He took the right he now owns them
The future looks bleak as we sink
In gridlock, we are, while the world is lost
Freedom weakness is our own failings
For those who trade their rights for the hate, they sow inside
For those push to take other rights soon lose sight of their own rights
They give away the future for some gold, that is just glitter stone, no real wealth is theirs, for the wealth they were promised, lies in the rich man’s pockets
No freedom can be one if not shared by everyone!
Guildford H Windley
January 24, 2019

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Noble Member
2 years ago

Guild ford, this is one of your best!!! Your an amazing writer!’ Thanks so much for sharing! Samantha

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