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The Fall From Grace

The Fall From Grace

by: Guildford Windley

The fall from Grace
Where has the world gone, the one I knew so well
A place of comfort, one that with pride my chest would swell
A world full of love not hates a place where one could feel safe
Gone so it seems, the caring that we use to take for granted
The love we shared for family and friends but also for those poor lost souls
The people down and out who we could all help out
No need for you to sleep upon a cold unforgiving street
No hunger or thirst left to suffer; we believe in God words to care for one another, and most of the stranger
Ah, but no longer, oh people say the words but they ring shallow, nowadays our minds are blind to the cries of other, those lost shadow
Hate seems to grow, where compassion once lived
Now it seems we don’t give damn for other people’s woes
Knock them down with words of hate, to some nowadays the poor are just inconvenience that should disappear
Money rules the day, avarice is the life that some seek to live
The lack of compassion that they have blinded their very soul to each penny that they hold
Its mine, they do cry, the poor can go to work, get off their lazy butts and don’t drink or do drugs
True some people who have fallen through the cracks brought their selves to their own ruin
But who’s to judge, the life of others, it’s not our place to say one way or another
Let no man speak as if his words were that of God
For God said to treat the stranger and poor as if they were family, do not shut the door on them
But nowadays we cage the stranger
We live in a land of plenty, but while some bask in new wealth
The poverty levels rise, more people fall through the cracks less and less can live on the wages that the rich will pay
So low are they on the backs of peoples labor, that workers are trap in a poverty cycle for which they can’t escape
All the while rich rake in the benefits of the worker’s toil
More and more people will lose what little medical they now have, for it’s a given fact that living is a pre-condition, and for that, the fact the Republicans want to do away with that
If they change the law, insurance will be too high for the average family type
As the people look to the government for help, a stone wall is what they get
For compassion is not something the government will give, oh they’ll take your money, rob you blind
But don’t waste your time asking for a dime
For the money that you seek for those in need has been spent to subsidize the rich.
Guildford H Windley
July 23, 2019

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