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The Time We Lost

The Time We Lost

by: Guildford Windley

The Time We Lost
Lost is the time that tore us apart- For a big miss-understanding
The time we spent in our own self-inflicted pain not willing to listen
A pain is driven by our own imagination
A thousand wounds, a thousand stabs all self-inflected
Each a little slice of our life left us each in tears of the sadness that we cause
We turn our heads not looking into each other eyes
We would not talk, no we were too self-righteous
But now after all this time, we find ourselves each siting here
Our defenses down
Our hearts open and free of the hate we bore
Our eyes wide open not blinded by our own self-assurance
Here we sit for the first time in a field full of wildflowers and butterflies
Now our souls know the truth
The lost time that blinded us to the love that we had for each other
Deep down it once laid yearning spring forth
Now here we are after all this time
Two souls that finally found the truth, we found each other
The true love that we shared for each other has always been there
It took a field full of wildflowers and butterflies for them to admit the truth and say- I love you.
Guildford H. Windley
October 9, 2020

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