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There Was A Letdown In Tulsa

There Was A Letdown In Tulsa

by: Guildford Windley

There Was a Letdown in Tulsa
There was a letdown in Tulsa
He got Blue seat pneumonia
His staff is testing positive
But he is lost in his lack of leadership
Less testing is what he wants, thinks Covid-19 will disappear
Over a hundred twenty thousand dead
No end in sight the first wave is riding high
His brain is lacking any knowledge above that of a little child
The poor man has blue seat pneumonia
He thinks Finland is part of Russia, Putin told him so
Didn’t know Great Britain was a nuclear power
He is not sure England is part of Great Britain
Doesn’t know where he thinks he in Russia
There was a letdown in Tulsa
The protest is everywhere, Hey Black lives matter
He lacks compassion, only sees himself, that no leadership
The economy is in the tank, no money for the poor
Cause it goes to the rich without oversight
The poor man got blue seat pneumonia
He had people teargas so that he could walk across Lafayette Square for a photo op
So he could show the world the Bible upside down
Had to ask the direction to St John Church
There was a letdown in Tulsa
He got blue seat pneumonia
He said he would drain the swamp, so many of his pals fill that spot
The wall he said Mexico would pay for, in Mexico, they say what a dumb ass gringo
They can build the wall no one wants to go to that third rate shithole
Once the envy of the world, Trump has turned us into a reality comedy show
The world laughing stock
There was a letdown in Tulsa
The poor man got blue seat pneumonia
There is just one cure
A blue wave in November
Guildford H Windley
June 22, 2020

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Samantha Leboeuf (@guest_7258)
9 months ago

Like this a lot, GUILDFORD

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