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Troubles can be overwhelmingly frustrating. They come when one expects them not and its arrival is quite unwanted. Tell me, who wants trouble to come to him or her just like that? No one!

It may surprise you but the truth is that there are people on this earth who love trouble. Not because of how it makes them think much but the mysterious aftermath of the thoughts that would have left them with emotional issues. Look around you, many people we call successful today were/are masters of trouble.

They made solutions out of the troubles they face and this has , in a good way, helped many people they do not know. if we take a good look at the likes of John D Rockefeller and other successful people we know today, we would undoubtedly see that they created a platform that stood the test of time, out of the troubles they faced during their age as humans.

My point is, we know too well the art of wallowing in trouble and not the art of using these troubles as a pitch to get a gig in life. Gig? Yes, gig. Or don’t you know that you can turn that trouble to things that will eventually make you and others smile.

You see, i decided that i will not, in any situation, wallow in trouble for too long- it is unhealthy. There is no gain doing it. All it does is take away if you let it. What i do when it comes is grab it by the horn. The truth is, I am not scared of it anymore. You should do same.

I will tell you how i overcome trouble as a writer, personally. It may help you as a writer. You see, there are times when i take the train of trouble and i am immediately deafened by its noise. You see, at that point you hear not anything friends say because all you think of is how not to think of it. They may think that you are feigning quaint thoughts but deep down you know that all is really not well with you emotionally.

Thinking on the troubles of life is tiring, i tell you. What i do is write about it, then, i marvel at ingenuity for a while and before you know it, the thought of trouble turns to sweet smiles. If you reading this and you are going through one trouble or another. Stop it! Think on it no more. It is difficult but try turning it to positive energy.

Most of the things i say, were inspired by constant relationship with members of these amazing writing community. Yes, today marks one year at Daily Wisdom Words.

I’m going to leave you with a little poem. Hope it helps.

T is for trouble

S is for smile

S comes before T

So smile, always.


Abuh Monday Eneojo
Abuh Monday Eneojo is a poet and author of three books. You can check out his books on Amazon.
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Olayinka kayode Kingsley
1 year ago

Congratulations, troubles are as old as man. I am sure going to incorporate this into my plan

1 year ago

Congratulations on one year with Daily Wisdom Words, much love.

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