What are accolades and why do we achieve them?

First, let us take a look at the definition of accolades in the Webster Dictionary Meaning of accolades:  1.  An award or privilege granted as a special merit or acknowledgement.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  1.  An honor received acknowledging one in a positive light granting them an award.

Accolades are merits and honor a person receives for doing something exceptional.  It is funny how a medal of some kind, that in general is most likely monetarily worthless or a trophy, the same, can bring so much happiness to an individual because they are acknowledged for something exceptional they have done.  Actually, this is human nature.   We all want accolades at some point in our lives.  We all wish to be recognized for the merits which we feel we have earned.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work that way.  The things we put into making something work to the successful degree of earning a merit, don’t always bring one.  First of all, You must realize that merits are given from outside parties.  It may be time to award merits, mentally to yourself, as we all, from time to time need accomplishment and recognition to feel good about ourselves, have a good self esteem, and self respect.

Sadly, we don’t always get merits and Oscars or are nominated for our accolades in life.  We all achieve them but we are not all recognized for them.  This is why it truly is important to build your own self-esteem and merit from your core with God at the center to make it as strong as it can be.  Accolades can be mental personal awards we give ourselves and sometimes need to be.

Accolades, are quite a good feeling when awarded however, from an outside party as it does play on our egos, and help us recognize just what an outstanding job we have done.

I remember in 2005, being awarded a glass clock with my name engraved on it for being 2005’s “salesperson of the year” for Amber Homes.  I was in tears it meant so much.  You would have thought I had won an Oscar or an Emmy!  Lets face it.  It feels good to feel acknowledged.

Lets not downplay accolades as they very important.  Just remember that at some points in your life, you may have to be the one to award them to yourself depending on what your doing.  You may have to be the one to recognize your own personal achievements and reward yourself with a special privilege such as allowing yourself to shop for something nice for a job well done.

Thank you so much for reading about accolades with me today.  We are having issues with posting Poetry again, so please bear with us as we fix these glitches.  Thank you for your patience.

Samantha Leboeuf  

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Raquel Rogers (@guest_797)
2 years ago

Accolades hang on the hall
Brightly framed to light up the wall
Awards I won 20 yrs or more
Once when I young
a shinning star
Stronger and fearless I was then
Vivid memories way back when
Accolades now are smaller these days
Praise of a poem in such a simple way

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