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What is the  meaning of admonishment?  Is it just a word we hear when we are children?  To decide this, let’s first take a look at admonishment in our Webster Dictionary.

Admonishment-1.  Warn or reprimand someone firmly.  2.  advise or urge someone earnestly 3.  Warn someone of something to be avoided

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Admonishment-1.  To speak firmly about something to someone in regards to something they have done which negatively affects others

An admonishment can be a warning of some kind.  It can pass along to us the message that what we are doing can have harsh consequences for ourselves or others.  Recently, admonishment came into play in my life with my business.  Two people who worked for me got into a disagreement.  I was expected by one of the parties to admonish the other for her behavior.

I felt that it was a personal matter and it should be handled between the two of them in a private setting.  I personally felt they each owed the other an apology for one reason or another, but felt I should stay out of it.  However one party felt strongly that I should intercede.  I am a firm believer that some things are best left alone and will work themselves out over time.

However, looking back on this scenario, I would have done it differently if I could have a do-over.  The personal relationship they had formed, affected the group in one form or another, so there should have been some interception from the management team.  One party even demanded I call a company meeting over it.  I declined.

I am new to managing a company and was not quite sure how to handle it with it being the first time something like this had come across my management skills since my husband’s company had started.

A valuable lesson I have learned from this is to remember my position in the company and stay out of other people’s personal issues from the start which I didn’t do in this case.  I have since admonished myself.  I should have at least let the company meeting take place.

Thank you for reading about admonishment today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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