How do we know when we are getting “good advice”?  Does advice have to come from a licensed therapist, or psychiatrist? If  you choose to go to a friend or family member, it really is best to get advice from someone close to you?  The answers to these questions are yes, all are generally true.  However, to clarify a post we recently had, I will address as many of these questions as I am able.  Let’s first take a look at the Webster Dictionary me wisdom meaning of  advice.

Webster Dictionary meaning of advice-1.  Guidance or recommendations, concerning prudent future action given by someone regarded as someone who is knowledgeable or authoritative.

Daily Wisdom Words Definition of advice-Wise information given from one person to another, based off their own experiences and yes, mistakes about a problem or dilemma they have had or something similar to it having learned from those mistakes. 

Do you ever wonder why I choose a daily wisdom word?  I promise you, at the end of this article, you will understand.  I don’t know what happened to me between my thirties and late forties.  In my thirties, I seemed to be attracted to drama.  I had gotten a divorce after almost eight years of marriage.  I had a taste of freedom.  I was single, and a mother of two young children, but unlike many of my friends, I had a great ex-husband.  He enjoyed his time with the children on the weekends meaning I had free time on my hands.

I started out being single, with quite a bit of naivety. I would listen to the compliments from men and believe them.  I would expect them to be gentlemen and for the most part they were, in the beginning. I met someone who lived in Florida but was visiting his friend in Denver.  We were at a restaurant/bar place that was fairly nice, and shockingly the guy who liked me, from Florida, was there visiting Bruce, the only man I had met that I like since I had been single.  

The guy from Florida wanted to see me the following day, before he went back to Florida.  Shockingly, when he arrived at the restaurant we were at, he had,of all people, Bruce with him.  I was so attracted to Bruce that I was almost rude to the guy from Florida, and before David’s (the person from Florida).  What I needed, was some advice, pure and simple.  I needed to find someone familiar with the situation I was going through or similar circumstances that could relate.  

Back to why I choose some of the daily wisdom words I do.  In this case, it is because we have a brand new web page launching that I am very excited about!!  This page will be called, Neel and Samantha’s Wise Advice, and will allow you, the reader, to ask questions about anything, and get either a gut instinct, intuition answer from either Neel Trivedi, (Wisdomology) or Samantha LeBoeuf (Daily Wisdom Words).  

Let me begin explaining this page, by first letting you know our disclaimers.  Neither Neel or I have a degree, or are a licensed Counselor, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist in any way.  That does not make, however, our opinions less worthy from the Sincerity.  We will be doing research should this be a health question we cannot answer, and you will have your choice, on which way you would like us to answer your question.  We can “call” you to talk about it, text you an answer, either Neel, or I can email you, or send this response over social media.   You may choose if you prefer one of us to answer this question, based on what kind of question the answer would be better suited for, such as male or female question, ECT.,  or perhaps you have a greater comfort level, to either Neel or Myself.  

Although we are not professionals, we will do our best to answer your questions.  Out of fairness to other guests, please choose one topic level, and if we have time towards the end of the program, we will readdress this question should you feel you answer wasn’t sufficient.  Remember:  We are just your friends, and in all of our “Wise Advice” potential answers, these answers will never be as good as a professional answering them.  

In order to promote conversation, we will start off with a controversial or current event article.  This article will hopefully bring some questions to your minds, and they will be interesting enough, that you have answers them, and see how this works out.  We do reserve the right to change the basis of this program at any time, depending on your needs, and wants.  

Thanks so much for reading about advice today, and we’re wishing you a beautiful and blessed day.  We will most likely start this towards Friday, end of the week, and we will be “LIVE” with you and the show Monday-.Thursday, Neel will be hosting two days, of the week after we get this page created, and myself, the other two days of the week.  (We reserve the right to make changes to the show without your permission, and report any suicidal ideations we deem serious.)

Have a beautiful and blessed day, and we can’t wait to help you with any problems you have.  

Samantha Leboeuf/Neel Trivedi   Samantha and Neel’s Wise Advice








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