What is ambition and what does it mean in our world?  Let us take look at its meaning in the Webster Dictionary.

Ambition-A strong desire to do or to achieve something typically requiring determination and hard work.  2.  desire or determination to achieve success.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-1.  a desire to be the best at whatever you wish to achieve, and be successful at it as well.

Ambition is based on a drive within a person.  To accomplish ambition, you need to use the energy that drives it in a positive direction.  This way, ambition is an asset.  Ambition also needs to have a plan behind it to control and direct this energy.

Goal Setting such as visualization and affirmations can be the key to accomplishing what you’ve set out to do with your ambition.  Ambition, can be the force behind your goals that cause you to achieve them.

I know in sales, a driving ambition can be key to one’s success and when you have it you know it, and when you don’t, it is hard to be competitive in the business world, especially when looking to climb the ladder in any competitive career.

The key to ambition is to learn to compete with yourself, charting your direction, shaping your goals and aspirations.  This ambition will be the energy behind all of this, and your aspirations and dreams will be achieved.  The ambition should be directed to your own success and not another person’s, with the goal to continue to achieve more sales, for instance if your in sales, or management, showing by your actions you are successful, period.

Ambition is elusive.  As I said, when you have it you know it, because you find yourself doing whatever it takes to be successful and stand out from others without directly competing against them but letting your own achievements speak for themselves to your bosses and management.  If your ambition has desire behind it, you will be the success of the century.

Thank you for reading about ambition today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha LeBoeuf/DWW

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