Do angels exist in our world?  When we talk about the daily wisdom word, angels, we can use it as a descriptive word for a special human being, or we can think of angels who serve to do God’s work.  Before we go any further with a description of an angel, let us take a look at the Webster Definition and Daily Wisdom Word Definition.  

Webster Definition of Angel-1.  A spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent or messenger of God conventionally representing in human form with wings and a long robe. 

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Angel-1.  One person who has been gifted with the greatest gift of all.  A gift from the heart to give to others before their own selves.

My definition of an “angel” is different than the Webster Dictionary.  I do believe God has angels that watch out for us from heaven.  However, I think there are human angels as well.  I believe in human angels, because these people are different than most of us.  They sacrifice their own needs for everyone’s needs and are unique and special with character that is almost perfection.  

I have a new friend Named Jamie, who I just recently gotten close to.  I call her my angel.  She has the attributes I just mentioned and is a rarity.  It is strange in life how we just “connect” with some people.  On top of this, I have never met her in person.  It does not matter.  I feel her energy, kindness and strength in her words, so beautifully written.  There is just something very special about her, and she is always making sure she includes everyone in what she writes and notices what they write.  A true gift from God.  

She lost someone close to her, and has to cope with this, and she does so, magnificently.  She remembers the memories, instead of absorbing herself in the grief.  I am sure she deals with grief like the rest of us, but the comments she has made to me, tell me she remembers the good times.  A true “Angel”.  

Often, when we lose someone, we forget about their memory and the footprints they left in the sand nearest to their heart.  We get caught up in the horror of the loss.  I myself, have done this.  God leaves us with memories, and the love in our hearts for a reason.  It is our “comfort”.  Undeniably grief is difficult for us all, but she is so graceful with the way she deals with it. 

There is another “angel” in my life, and that is my mother.  She is amazing, and so strong.  My sister was diagnosed with oral cancer, and it has been horrific what she has had to go through to get rid of this.  Because part of her treatment involved radiation, for five days, where she had to be isolated in the hospital in a room with windows you could see through.  Not only has my mom been there for this part of the cancer treatment, she has been there for the whole thing, and she lives out of state.  My mom watched and reassured my sister who was so very scared with her positive energy and sweet smile, and my mom managed to be there for almost all of it.  

My mom amazes me in many other ways, that leads me to believe she is an “angel” God put on this earth.  She has four children who all have issues, and she makes time for all of them, still hosting Thanksgiving Dinner for 20 people every year t 80 years old.  

Angels are very, very special and a true gift from God.  They do the “little things” that most of us don’t take the time to do.  They are there for their loved ones and others, while keeping faith in God.  I do my best to just take care of myself, lol.  

Do you have an “angel” in your life you would like to share about?  Now is your opportunity.  Please scroll down beneath this article to our comments section which has “join the discussion” and a box to write in.  I would love to hear your story.  

God bless you, Jamie and mom.  Whenever life is tough for you or the people you help, remember you were born to be an “angel”, and angels are hard to find.  

Samantha Leboeuf


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Active Member
@Tetrametracall1 (@verde_mar)
1 year ago

A broken angel found me
lost in words I could not make
days between who I once was
and who I am.
She’d teach me things
when I wasn’t looking
knowing that someday
I’d remember her happy.
A broken angel left me
drowning in words
I cannot stop as my days
and nights still find her.

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