All of us from time to time have suffered with anxiety at some point in our life.  At what point does Anxiety,  does it begin interfering” need to be addressed by a professional counselor or psychiatrist?

I,  personally, have suffered with anxiety since I was a teenager.  Anxiety, is debilitating at times, and I have even had panic attacks, and shaky hands, in a social situation, and other times, I have also started a conversation with a complete stranger, so my anxiety varies, but it is always there, coming out unexpectedly many times in my life.  Because of the frequency, I went to a psychologist when I was 22 years old.  Over 20 years have passed, and I still have regular attacks of anxiety.  Physical exercise, and talking it out, does help, and I also see a counselor regularly.

I think it is very important in my posts, I be honest and forthright.  Anxiety, is more common than most of us may think and there are different kinds of anxiety disorders.

Some people suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, such as veterans, who come back after being in combat and war, or have others who have been through personal, ongoing trauma, such as being regularly abused in some way at some point in their lives.

I know my anxiety disorder is Organic, which means it originates from an imbalance in my brain, and soon, from what I have researched, they will be able to “isolate” neuromarkers, which can direct what kind of  treatment will be best for me.

Most of us don’t like to talk about our issues, but daily wisdom words, is written, in hopes that people feel they can open up as well, and by me admitting my anxiety disorder publicly, I am hoping you, if your suffering from it, realize there is help out there, and seek it.  I also hope, not to be judged, just as all of us do when discussing something personal.

I’m on medication, and seek counseling regularly.  My friend told me about a local organization in Colorado, if your like me, on a tight budget, the Counselors or therapists available will work with a fee scale, depending on what you can afford.  The website is www.   FYI.  I am sure other states have help available like this as well, so the biggest step is to “reach out” because there is help, readily available. If you, like me, suffer with anxiety, you know it can be very debilitating.

There is no shame is seeking help or admitting it, although it can be difficult, because it is no different then if you were diagnosed with cancer or Multiple Scleroses.  These anxiety disorders and other mental disabilities, can’t be helped, and research shows specific Neuromarkers in our brain in which a Brain Scan is done, are different, then that of a healthy brain in the areas the Neuromarkers are able to target the specific location in the brain, affected by anxiety, from what I have researched.

As I mentioned, Anxiety, can be debilitating inhibiting your abilities with many things.

For example, the other day, I left in plenty of time to go babysit for an hour, to help out.  I, had been to the location once, a month earlier, and I got lost.  That is very hard to believe, considering this place is two miles from my home.  As the clock ticked by, I drove round and round down every street in the small town I live in, and went into an anxiety attack as it got later and later.  Fortunately, I was able to reach a friend by phone, and she literally had to stay on the phone with me and direct me to the location!  I was in a full blown anxiety attack, and could not think straight, and I  could tell my breathing was close to erratic as I was already 5 minutes late, at this point.  Those of you reading this, who have a similar anxiety disorder, will hopefully identify with what I am sharing, and I hope to get some comments, either email or public, if you have a similar story to share about your anxiety if you have it.

Social Anxiety, (The fear of being judged by others and humiliated), is the most common Anxiety disorder, affecting 6.8% of adults, and 5.5% of teenagers, (the onset age), according to research performed on a study group,  (National Institute of Mental Health),  suffer with Social Anxiety Disorder.

Think about that.  That is just one form of Anxiety disorder!

The good news?  Science and behavioral Medicine are moving forward, and according to the January 2013 issue of JAMA Psychiatry, an MRI, (Magnetic Renascence Imaging), can be performed on the brain, and identify Neuromarkers in our brain which eventually will be able to isolate which patients will respond better to medication, and which patients should be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy, or both.  This is very important, because according to a study, 50% with anxiety disorder, DID NOT benefit from medications!

The world of Psychiatry is benefiting greatly from the use of MRI’s and other things such as a brain scan.

They have introduced a new form of treatment, called,  Personalized Medicine.  Definition-The use of genetic or other biological markers to tailor a patients treatment, and isolate those who would benefit from medicine, such as antidepressants, or benzodiazapines, and those who would not, according to John D Cabriela, PhD., and these “neuromarkers” seem to be the key to our future success with Mental Disorders like Anxiety or depression.

I hope we all remember, our LIFE, is a work in progress, not perfection.  Admitting your having an issue with Anxiety, and getting help in something to be proud of, not ashamed, as I believe with all my heart it takes strength and courage to be completely honest with ourselves and our issues.  SL

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7 years ago

There always is so much wisdom in your words. Samantha, you should have been a doctor ?

7 years ago

Thanks Hon, I think your a little bit biased, don't you, lol??

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