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Why is articulation important as we get older?  Let us first take a look at the meaning of articulation in our Webster Dictionary.

Articulation-1.  The formation and clear and distinct sounds in speech  2.  the action of pulling into words the formation of an idea or feeling of specified type.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Articulation-1.  Articulation is the art of being able to explain an idea or thought your thinking, into a verbal explanation.

The kind of articulation I am talking about is the kind of articulation of putting our thoughts and ideas into words for others to understand them, and research shows we can be better at doing this with simple practice.  I know, because I have had to teach myself to be more articulate.

Believe it or not, articulation, and the ability to carry forth a thought or idea to another, can help determine our success in this life, especially with our careers and interpersonal relationships.  The clearer we can convey our thoughts and ideas to another, the better they can understand where we are coming forth in our thinking.

When I was a child, I had no problem articulating where I was coming from with words and ideas on paper but I did have a hard time explaining those thoughts and ideas verbally.  Thoughts and ideas and opinions and facts we have learned, is the only way to convey meaning to others verbally if our career is direct verbal interaction with others, and most careers are in one form or another.

I never realized the importance of this until I found my permanent career, new home sales.  Without being able to directly explain a construction change in a simple and well articulated method, the other party will have no clue what your talking about.  I literally had to teach myself this.  The best way I found to do it, was to read books on architecture and listen to others do the same thing in the same position in my industry.  This is why articulation is so important.

It is never too late to teach yourself articulation, at any age, and I found this out when I did find my permanent career.  Allow yourself to always grow as an individual no matter what it is your trying to teach yourself.  Believe it or not, it can make all the difference with being successful or not, and we have the power to change this with articulation.

Thank you so much for reading about articulation today, and have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha LeBoeuf/DWW

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