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Our Daily Wisdom Word today is Aspirations.  We all have our hopes, dreams, and .  Aspirations those things we hope to achieve.  They can even be things that are not realistic.  Aspirations are not necessarily realistic goals.  They are simply things we would like to achieve whether realistic or not.  they can be goals, but unlike goals, we have them no matter how unrealistic they are.

Before going any further, let us take a look at the meaning of aspirations in the Webster Dictionary and our Daily Wisdom Word Meaning.

Webster Definition of Aspirations-1. A hope or ambition of achieving something.  2.  The object of ones hope or ambition;  a goal

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Aspirations-A dream one wishes would be turned into reality.  An idea or goal

Aspirations, like goals are things you wish to happen;  however, aspirations have not had a plan put together yet to achieve them.  There is no timeline to an aspiration.  Another way to describe this is that an aspiration is a hope with ambition.   A goal is a hope with a plan and timeline that you’ve laid out to achieve it.  

I think the biggest aspiration I have ever had was to be a psychiatrist.  However, I had no long term plan to achieve this.  When I set goals, even if the light is far, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel because I have a game plan on how I will get there.  An aspiration is a kind of goal without a map or stop watch.  If you wish an aspiration to become a reality, you must set in motion a specific plan and timeline.  There must be a visual capture to achieve this goal, or it is just a dream or aspiration.  

Aspirations are those things we daydream about.  An example of many of us who have a common aspiration is to become famous.  No, we don’t have a plan, but we sure would enjoy it happening for us.  See the difference in the words I am using?  They are vague and there is no definite plan I have put into place.  

Aspirations are so much like goals, I felt it necessary to cover the definition before moving on from setting goals, and how to get there.

Thanks so much for reading about aspirations today.  This concludes our learning about how to achieve goals and realistic plans to get there.  

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