Our attitude is one of the most important things we can have and if it is positive it can create more positive energy. If our attitude is negative, it can also create more negative energy.


Let us take a look at what attitude means in our Webster Dictionary Attitude-1. Posture. 2. A mental position with regard of a fact or state. 3. The position of something in relation to something else. (Partial)


Daily Wisdom Word Meaning- Attitude. 1. The most important lead that can be either positive or negative. 2. A frame of mind that will either lead us to more positive things happening for us or less if we are in a negative frame of mind.


Our attitude is the most important thing we have the power to change. A positive attitude can take us miles. If we are in a positive frame of mind we can see everything from a new and exciting perspective for ourselves and the way we interact with others is also more positive. It is amazing how powerful an attitude can be. an attitude of “I got this” can lead us to the best places, places even we didn’t expect going. There is nothing we can’t overcome when we have a positive attitude.


On the other hand, when we have a negative attitude, we will find we are indirectly attracted to more negative things. Things that happen when we have a negative attitude are the things that don’t. In other words, we will not attract the positive, good things that we otherwise would, if we had a positive attitude.


We, believe it or not can change our attitude from negative to positive. How do we do this?

First, we can do affirmations. What are affirmations? Simply put, as we wake up in the morning, we have a notebook handy and we write over and over again, how the day will go, as if it was already progressing. Here is an example of a positive affirmation that you would write down on a piece of paper: 1. “I enjoy having a positive and fruitful day. I attract all good things in my life” . The law of positive attraction will take over from that point on if you visualize, write down what you expect, like a magnet, you will attract more of it whether it be positive or negative.


Attitude is everything and having a positive one can be the difference between night and day. Thank you as always for reading daily wisdom words and may your day be a positive happy one!


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Warmest Regards,

Samantha LeBoeuf

Community Leader


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