Attitude is a very important wisdom word.  Attitude, is everything!  I am amazed at how different I feel when my perception shifts, with a problem that seemed awful, the day before, looks like a piece of cake to solve, the next day.

Attitude is one of the number one things in life which determines if we are successful and not just IF we are successful, but how successful we are.  I realize it is difficult to maintain a good attitude all the time, but the following suggestions are helpful hints, and wisdom words of advice I believe can keep you happy, and truly successful.

True success comes from within and true success, means success in the soul.  Our soul is at peace when we maintain a great attitude, and success follows directly in line.

Success and prosperity are not determined by your pocket book, and success does not necessarily mean “rich”, in money, but in life, rich in texture, filled with quality, not quantity, humbly loving oneself, and graciously loving others.  A great attitude, cannot be sincere, positive or maintained, without love, God and a peaceful spirit.

Maintaining a positive attitude, is not as difficult as you might expect.  A positive attitude”, can only stay positive, if  your attitude remains consistent.  We must realize that all around us, things are changing, depending a lot on the choices we make.  Everything in life, unfortunately is not always wonderful, and there are rough patches, and ups and downs.  Some of what happens in life, we don’t understand, and I don’t believe we always are supposed to.

1.  The first step in maintaining a positive attitude is to follow my wisdom words, which I have on my        webpage,   Change will happen; ” you can happen with it, or it will happen to you”  You can “adjust to the stress, and remain grounded in your life adjusting with the ups and downs, or you can make a choice, to ride the rollercoaster of life, going up and down with each event as it happens, your emotions following,  and what does that bring you?   An attitude, that is also “reacting while responding”, to with the ups, and the downs, there for it is only positive, when good things are happening!

2.  The second step to maintaining a positive attitude, is to pray for it, and follow up with genuine effort to do your part in what you prayed for.  The first thing done each morning should be a “prayer of affirmation”, affirming with God your intent with attitude and action.  This comes before brushing your teeth!  Then, follow with a list of your to do’s for the day, followed by affirmations of all your goals, writing them as if they are already accomplished.  Why is this so important?  An affirmation is to affirm what it is you will achieve, visualizing your goal as already achieved, being as definitive as possible, describing, in writing, what you are going to achieve.  By taking the steps to list your goals, affirmations and prayer, helps you to accomplish your daily goals, and long term goals.

3.  Accomplish and achieve your list, and reward yourself, when you’ve finished with something positive.    A hot bath, a “latte”, and remember to stay “grounded in glory” maintaining a positive attitude along the way.

4.  Smile!  Just once a day, even.  Remember to “smile from your face and your smile will follow through to your heart.”

5.  Maintain your attitude by doing for others.  Do just one thing, for another, during your day.  Giving can do wonders with how your feeling, and whatever you gave, you get back ten fold with an attitude that shines, from your heart, though your soul.

We don’t control everything in this world, but we can make the very best of we do.   Why not take charge of changing what you can, and make your life the best it can possibly be, by maintaining a positive attitude rather than negative one?   We are all a “work in progress”, and add this to “your tool box in life”, by building new habits if your current ones aren’t helping you be a positive person.  Even if you can do just some of it, just one of these suggestions, I feel positive you can only benefit from whatever that is.  SL

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