Why is balance so important in our lives? I think balance is crucial to living a healthy life. Let us take a look at the meaning of balance in the Webster Dictionary. Balance-1. A weight, force or influence counteracting the weight of another. 2. a state of equilibrium


Daily Wisdom Word meaning of Balance. 1. The healthy way to live your life focused equally on the four different parts of it.


To lead a balanced life means to lead a life focused equally on the psychological, physical, spiritual, and mental aspects of life we all should focus on equally. Let me explain more what I mean with an example of myself. I have been writing daily wisdom words a very long time and since I have started, I focus too much on it and have gained 15 pounds. I need to be as equally focused on my health and mental and spiritual parts of me to be healthy so I am far from perfect myself. I haven’t done myself any favors by focusing too much on daily wisdom words.


In fact, I enjoy it so much that I am writing it twice this morning because I accidentally wiped it out. The main reason we want to live a balanced life is for overall mental, emotional and spiritual and physical health.


Daily Wisdom Words only offers suggestions from my point of view. I don’t have all the answers but am pretty sure to live balanced can only lead to more success in all areas of your life. After writing this today, I will be going out for a walk because it is the physical side of me that I have been neglecting.


Daily Wisdom Words can be found here, at, Samantha, and You can also find this post on google plus.


Thank you very much for reading!

Samantha LeBoeuf

Community Leader

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