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Why does every kind of relationship need a beginning of some kind?  Beginnings are necessary for a relationship to have the strength to kick off and get started.  Before we go any further, let us take a look at what a beginning is in our Webster Dictionary?

Beginnings-1.  The point in time or space at which something starts.  2.  The first part or earliest stage of something  3.  The background or origins of anything.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of beginnings-1.  The point at which something new starts up.  2.  In the definition of relationships, the beginning or idealistic stage of something.

Beginnings in relationships are absolutely necessary when getting started or initiating of a relationship.  Beginnings or outlines of any relationship define it and tell us if there is something more to proceed with.  Let’s say that I meet someone I think is cute and immediately I feel an attraction there when looking at the beginning of a love relationship.  To know if there is more there, I am going to have to speak to someone a little bit to see if we have anything in common.  This will tell me if it’s worth putting myself emotionally other there to go any further.

Beginnings I feel are absolutely necessary to know if this relationship can go any further.  Do we have enough in common to even have a decent conversation with for a date?  Or, let’s say I have applied for a job and I apply with the person I would be working with over a period of time?  Do he/she and I have enough in common with to work together?  If we don’t are we a good balancing factor to find enough in common or different from to grow together with in a job position and to take two sets of knowledge from to create a full mirage of beginnings and offset each other with?

Beginnings are necessary to decide if we want to take an interest or hobby any further with.  We cannot know if we like doing something unless ws try it first.  It isn’t fair to ourselves or another to tell them we don’t like it unless we try it.  Sadly, we end things too quickly without taking it far enough to give it a chance.  Many of us make too hasty of a decision to really know if we could have a healthy situation when starting a relationship out or hobby.  Many of us end something before it ever had a chance to get off the ground with.

I will end beginnings with this:  Give everything you run across a fair shot at a beginning so that you can recognize a true opportunity and work a little harder with if  you see there is potential.   My daughter has an ideal relationship with her husband because she tried a little harder with him at the beginning of their relationship with because she saw a lot of potential with this relationship up front with. She is not sorry now that she invested a little extra interest up front.  Thanks so much for reading about beginnings with me, and I hope your future holds many happy ones in the future.

When your done reading this article on beginnings, scroll down beneath it where it says, “join the discussion”.  Leave a comment about an interesting beginning with, or a comment or quote.

Thanks so much!

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW


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Terry J Powell (@guest_2676)
1 year ago

How can I How could I fix the world, the way I am? For I, am a small and insignificant man Can I shape it delicately in my hands? Change the shape of foreign lands Blow gently away hate of race Change the colour of a face Take away mans mistrust Like the fashioning of a clay bust Do away with Profit and greed Make a trustworthy breed Where marriages promises, means for life For loyal husbands and wife Where children are safe from harm No mass paranoia or alarm Anger, rage, and murder would not be thought In its… Read more »

Samantha Leboeuf (@guest_2692)
1 year ago
Reply to  Terry J Powell

Absolutely amazing

Active Member
Tetrametracall1 (@jazzonthecoast)
1 year ago

Starting again, over her now
I hear your new smile as
it meanders across me,
tasting doubts I wear like
this cherished memory
of you I’m dying to try on.
Unwrapping us, we see them
strewn across the floor,
their shadows reaching for me
as I still feel their cozy anxiety.

Samantha Leboeuf (@guest_2694)
1 year ago

Your so talented!!

Active Member
Tetrametracall1 (@jazzonthecoast)
1 year ago

You are very very kind, Samantha.

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