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Benchmarks are one of the most important tricks we have up our sleeve to succeed when setting or accomplishing personal goals.  Benchmarks can decide if we are able to achieve a goal by using them.  Creating Benchmarks are one of the first things you should do after clearly defining a goal, especially a challenging one.  What exactly are benchmarks?  We will now take a look at their definition in our Webster Dictionary and the Daily Wisdom Word Definition.

Webster Definition, benchmarks-1.  A standard or point of reference against which things may be compared or assessed.  

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-Benchmarks are points of evaluation and checkpoints along the way when on a journey to success with goals, especially big ones.

I’ve mentioned in the past, visualization.  Visualization is also a very powerful tool to achieve goals.  With visualization, you can picture something in your mind that is positive or picture something you’re familiar with like a toolbox when goal-setting.  If you have the perfect “toolbox” to achieve goals, you would visualize a toolbox that contained the perfect tools to achieve goals.  Benchmarks would be one of these tools.  The human brain becomes overwhelmed with large goals and we struggle in our minds to visualize something we subconsciously can’t see ourselves achieving.  \

Because humans thrive on immediate gratification, it is best to have short-term goals that are logically accessible.  If we have a large goal we wish to achieve, one thing in our toolbox that we certainly would want to have is a notebook with a wonderful, comfortable pen.  The more detailed your visualizations are, the better chance you have that they will be successful.  Let’s picture our Tablet in our favorite color, say blue for me.  Let’s picture our writing tool, either a pen or pencil, whatever you feel most comfortable with, having our name embroidered down the side of it.  Let’s actually do our best to do more than visualize these tools.  Let’s utilize them.  A blue notebook and pen with the initials of our name or our last name written out is perfect for this simple exercise.

Our daily wisdom word today is:  benchmarks so let’s go back to those for a minute.  Use your notebook and pen and as specifically as possible, write out small goals like math problems that give us the total sum or number we wish to achieve.  I want to lose 50 pounds.  This overall seems impossible.  However, if I break it up into a smaller math problem by dividing my pounds by two, I end up with two separate benchmarks I am going to achieve).  In this case, I use the term “phases” for each portion of my overall goal I want to achieve.  If I look at only losing an increment of 25 pounds, that seems doable.  What I have done is divide or create one overall math total divided by two or two benchmarks.  

For now, until I achieve phase one of this gaol, I will forget all about phase two.  Remember:  This may not be immediate gratification which the brain prefers, but 25 pounds is more easily achieved to lose, and it is closer to gratification than 50 pounds is.  What are some other tools I will carry in my toolbox?.  I will carry an attitude of success by writing the goal down, overall at the top of my paper, then detailing it into two smaller goals or benchmarks.  I will then break down the benchmarks by time such as week 1, 2, 3, and 4, for example, remembering the brain again thrives best with immediate gratification and does so with a goal written down over and over again in the most specific description of my intentions and I will write down these smaller “benchmarks” as if I am already actively achieving them and program my brain as it would prefer with a set of smaller goals or benchmarks.  

These affirmations should be written out as many times as possible with as much specification and detail as possible.  The next thing I will do after writing down my affirmations say, “20 times per day” is to pack in my toolbox my benchmarks and some form of reward system as I achieve each one of these smaller goals.  This may seem simplistic to you as you read it, and the first time I heard about this, I thought the same.  I was skeptical at best. However, we went to a three-day seminar held by the “Pacific Learning Institute” where I sold timeshare and after experimenting with them myself, I found them to work. 

This is not magic, by the way.  This is simply using the way the brain works to our advantage and using positivity to attract what we want.  Have you ever heard the saying, when it rains it pours?  Yes, this is true.  However, it is also true with its counter opposite:  when the sun is out and there are no clouds, it is sunny all day long.  I want to pack in my toolbox another specific thing:  a positive attitude.  I hope you understand why “benchmarks” are and should be a top priority in our life as we all wish to achieve something now and then.  

Authors:  I will use one final example.  Remember:  Members get counseling available to them as part of their membership.  We have a licensed Psychologist who looks after two mental health advocates, Neel Trivedi and Myself and we take the one on one appointments.  We know that counseling can fix some of the issues which get in the way of the positivity I know I “need to exceed”.  Before packing up “positivity”, I want to have a clear path to access it.  I may have to do some preliminary work in order to get to where I have to be to achieve optimal positivity.  Authors, when you have writer’s block, behind this is anxiety and fear paralyzing you. 

However, if you take the whole book and break it down into segments, or “chapters” and tell yourself that just for today, you will write one chapter, for example, you will find that fear and anxiety are easier to deal with if you trick your brain through proper affirmations in small doses rather than overdosing, period.  Think about writing just that one chapter to succeed and focus on specific. benchmarks.  We will be picking this daily wisdom word, benchmarks up again as a secondary word in my next post, toolboxes.  

Thanks so much for reading.  Please share a comment, poem or quote reflecting how you feel about what you have just read.  I need to make sure I am explaining myself clearly enough to have you absorb these lessons.  These lessons are lifelong tricks that will pay off in spades.  Give these simple tasks to try.  Also, pack some tenacity to go with your meal.  

Smantha Leboeuf/DWW

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