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How can bitterness affect our lives?  Let us first take a look at the meaning of bitterness in our Webster Dictionary.

Bitterness-1.  Definition of being treated unfairly;  resentment

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Bitterness-1.  The feelings of resentment and anger that build over time, resulting in deeper resentment and anger creating a vicious cycle that is self-destructive for us.

Bitterness can destroy our lives.  Bitterness can cause us to feel such resentment it moves us further and further away from the forgiveness in our heart and our ability to forgive at all.

Bitterness gets us nowhere in life because it keeps us from growing and becoming bigger, forgiving people.  Hanging onto it only builds up feelings of self-destruction and hatred towards another human being.  Resentment in a sort of inner rage we can’t seem to get rid of unless we use our heart and love to find it.

I know in the past when I have felt bitterness about a situation, it has caused me the lack of ability to move forward and grow within ourselves.  Not only is it destructive to ourselves, but it is destructive towards any healing pattern that can be found to let it go.  The more bitterness you feel inside, the more bitterness you accumulate.  Bitterness is like the taste of chocolate without the sugar being added to it.  The flavor lasts a long time and does not get any sweeter unless we add sugar or forgiveness to the recipe.

Bitterness hurts those of us feeling it towards another than it does the person we are feeling it towards.  Whatever wrongdoing they have been guilty of, bitterness only allows them to feel resentment themselves towards us, as they tend to blame us for not being able to forgive the feeling moving them towards and closer to darkness as well.  Bitterness eats away at us, and brings us closer and towards hatred and further and further away from love.  We begin to hate ourselves worse than our enemy for what has been done to us negatively or what we have done that is negative, and stops us from forgiving.

Without forgiveness, we cannot move forward towards healing in life so resentment and bitterness has no place in our lives to begin with.

Next time your really angry with another human being, realize that bitterness. Forgiveness is our only way back to the true path of happiness and resentment and bitterness over time fills us with poisoning towards another, and eventually towards ourselves.

Learn to let go of your bitterness if not for the other party your resent, but for yourself.  You will be a bigger person and grow internally if you learn to let go of your anger and bitterness.   You will also set a wonderful example to the person who your bitter towards, and these are much more productive feelings.

Thank you so much for reading about bitterness today.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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Preston Jacob (@guest_1835)
2 years ago

Bitterness is a plague. It can start from what is said. and from what they did Learn to get better. For if you get bitter, you’re bound to concern and the sludge of the grudge will have you misjudge. while it is you who gets burned I for one seem to have won this brutal battle between bitter and better. Though bitterness isn’t done, It’ll be back for an attack so just watch it shiver this winter has just begun to age be sure to be better and avoid the plague when warmth is all you’ll ever need. — inspired… Read more »

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