As a writer, have you ever been in a position where you stare at your notepad for hours? You stare because you either do not know what to write or you know what to write but not how.

That’s exactly what I was feeling today. I had no idea of what to bring up on the prompt today. So I was like, why not talk about the struggle. Why not talk about the excruciating feel that crowds a writer’s mind when he or she tries to pen something.

Let’s talk about it here on DWW PICTURE POETRY.

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Abuh Monday Eneojo
Abuh Monday Eneojo is a poet and author of three books. You can check out his books on Amazon.
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1 year ago

Seamlessly we move in thought
to your light
our words keys you find
opening perception’s door.

It’s a silent transformation
written across blank pages
as I write words
strewn like dust upon my min.

We find purpose written
behind our eyes
such is light we find
when we read yours.

1 year ago

Thank you so very much, Abuh.

1 year ago

Always the Empty

The blank page that stares back at me
Accusing, hostile, rageful
My life that has gone nowhere
Debilitating, painful

Where are all the answers
In the whispered silent prayers
Or in an empty bottle
My thoughts trapped in a snare

I was supposed to be a writer
At least that’s what I thought
Now everything is empty
I’m the one that God forgot

1 year ago

thank you

1 year ago

Daytime unwinds
vaguely aware of
feelings laid bare
coveted in love
promises made
on a blank page
hereafter with
unsoiled laughter
over victoria sky
migrated birds fly
with lofty regards
in orchestrated thrills
of yellow daffodils
hearts spills dreams
oceans breeze.

1 year ago

Which word should I define for you? ;-))))))))))))

1 year ago

I’m dyyyiiinnnnggg

1 year ago

Ahh really .. it’s all self explanatory 😉.use some imagination. 😚

1 year ago

Think of Michelle’s beautiful write as a ‘flight of fancy” where she is taking the reader on her wings with the ocean breeze… Her feelings and promises felt and laughter soar on the wind with her emotions.

1 year ago

“Today’s Dilemma” ;-))))))

1 year ago

Handed me a blank page Eyes flashing a brilliant blue she thought I knew what to do honor her say pretty things to she wanted to be my muse Used to love her as a best friend thought we’d be together until the end Suddenly the sky lightened & I knew the truth I could see through her lies her love was fake & her desires denied Although she danced in the window the sunlight sparkling in her hair An inspiration to many but I could not write a bunch of pose For I had seen beneath her hold This… Read more »

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