What are the bonds you have that you can never break?  Let us first take a look at the specific meaning of bonds I am referring to in our Webster Dictionary.

Bonds-1.  A force or feeling that unites people;  a common emotion or interest

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of bonds-A feeling so strong like super glue that holds us together with another.  2.  The unbreakable commitment we have due to love and devotion to another.

Bonds keep us together with another.  Some bonds we choose, and some we don’t.  We don’t choose our siblings, but there is almost always an unbreakable bond we have to them that we can’t explain.  Perhaps bonds form and are based on the experiences we have with each other.  Perhaps its suffering through the hardships and problems and good times in life together that form these bonds.

However bonds come to be, they are strong and almost impossible to break.  Imagine the bond you have with your mother and father.  You love them despite their faults and mistakes.  These bonds cause us to overlook flaws and faults with another because the love is so strong along with the commitment, we stick to them.

Blood also bonds us with another, I believe.  Our relatives of all kinds hold bonds together without them breaking.  We can also have bonds with friends with whom we share common interests and connect with.  We can’t quite explain it, but we know that we would be there for that person without question due to our commitment to them.

Bonds stick with us when other things don’t.  Bonds are usually held with people that are in our lives forever.  They sometimes can be temporary, like someone who isn’t the right person for us, but we love, and know this, so we have to break that bond.  These kinds of bonds are not forever, but necessary just the same.

These “temporary bonds” are usually formed to teach us something so they are a necessary part of life.  Think about the people you have bonds with today, and why you have them.  Is it because they are family and blood or are they temporary bonds with another designed to get us from one place in growth to the next place we need to be?

Thanks so much for reading about bonds today.  When your finished reading this article, scroll down beneath it, to the “join the discussion” section, and leave a comment, quote or poem about bonds and the way they’ve touched your heart.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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