Change can be easy or hard depending on the kind of change it is and whether were expecting it or not. Let us take a look at the meaning of change in the Webster Dictionary. Change- 1. to make or become different; alter. 2. to replace with another. (partial)


Daily Wisdom Word meaning: Change- 1. Different periods in our life that are replaced with new periods. 2. Unexpected or unforeseen consequences happening when we aren’t expecting them.


Change is hard or easy depending on how drastic the change is and what type of change it is. For example, women go through the change of life, and we expect this so it is not as dramatic as something we aren’t expecting.


Change can be more drastic such as death or a new life and adjusting to caring for a new little individual as our whole lifestyle changes. The best thing we can do with change is do our very best to prepare for it if we know it is coming.


If we are not expecting change, the best we can do is have a strong support system built into place at all times regardless of change. We can also learn to “expect the unexpected”. What do I mean when I say this? We can expect that change is a part of life and we can utilize that thought process going day by day so that we realize, good or bad, change is going to be a big part of our lives.


If we are caught up feeling depressed about our current circumstances, one thing we can be sure of is change. Nothing ever stays completely the same which is to say we aren’t as in control of our life as we think we are. Change is sure to happen whether good or bad. It is important to remember this when we are feeling down or sad.


There is also positive changes that we expect to last forever that are going on in our lives. For instance, my daughter was just home visiting, and it felt so much like old times that I forgot she was going home less than a week later. It is kind of hard to forget she is expecting, but she is so tiny that for a moment I expected she was not expecting, Lol.


Change for all of us can be in little increments or it can be in big chunks that are hard to swallow but regardless, it can be difficult. The best we can do is remember that change is a part of life and we are all bound to have some of it all the time, or all of it, some of the time.


We are all “imperfectly perfect” and we can expect that change will come our way. How we deal with it is what determines if we are winners or lesson takers. I don’t believe anyone is ever a loser but some of us have more lessons we need to learn than others.


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Thanks as always for reading! Have a warm and blessed day.


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Samantha Leboeuf

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