Why are changes a part of life?  Before going any further, let us take a look at the meaning of change in our Webster Dictionary.

Changes-The act or instance of making or becoming different.  2.  A new and refreshingly different experience.  3.  An alteration or modification

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Changes-1.  A part of life that is absolutely necessary for growth of any kind and one that changes your current circumstances.

In life, we have positive and negative changes that are a part of our experiences.  Each change results in altering our lives in one form or another.  Sometimes in life, these are small things we adapt to quickly, and other times, these changes are big things like losing someone that make a marked difference in our lives.  Change is subjective, meaning what may affect one of us traumatically, may affect another in a small way.

A lot of how we deal with changes have to do with the current circumstances going on in our life.  Sometimes, when it rains, it pours meaning you may be suffering for example, from multiple negative changes all at once, and this may make it harder to deal with yet another negative change.  The same goes for positive changes.  Sometimes a negative or positive change may be so extreme, it causes us not to recognize the other changes going on.  For example, someone’s loss may be so profound to us, we can’t see or enjoy the positive changes that are happening as well.  However, in the end, I believe change “balances out” and without it, we could not grow as individuals.

Without change, we would stay and remain the same person we are at the same stage of life without growing.  We don’t control changes either, causing us pause when some of us don’t believe in something bigger in life than ourselves.  If it is the case that there is nothing bigger than us to believe in, it is to me the same as saying we can control life, because we are the cause and effect of everything going on in our life.

Change causes us to stop and take note of where we are in life.  For example, we may lose someone like a parent or spouse that make us realize we need to cultivate change because we have a big, empty void that this loved one filled, and they are no longer there to fill it.  There will always be the memories to hold onto, but the change itself has caused changes to our daily routines.  This may be the positive that comes from the loss of them in our life.

Change is the part of life we don’t control no matter how hard we may try.  Positive changes are wonderful, and we are happy when they take place and welcome them even though some of them may take a period of adjustment.  Negative changes however, give us pause and make us think.  Regardless, both positive and negative changes in our life, require us to realize we don’t always have the control over life we think we have.

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Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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Tetrametracall1 (@jazzonthecoast)
1 year ago

Thank you, Samantha! I just wrote this about how our words change us. I hop you like it. 😉

We walked with these
words over time,
finding them together
on our path, sharing them
like lips on our first kiss.
Their charm lingering
as we held them
saying goodnight.
Our path has now worn
with these steps and
those days have drifted
yet they still call your name.

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